Dr. Michael W. Goodman & Dr. Matthew E. Bagamery

Remicade: Treating Crohn's Disease

If you suffer from Crohn's disease, a treatment called REMICADE® may relieve your symptoms and block the underlying cause of the inflammation in your digestive tract.

Research has shown that patients with Crohn's disease produce a substance called TNF-alpha, which causes inflammation in the digestive tract. REMICADE neutralizes TNF-alpha, and this usually provides relief from symptoms such as diarrhea, cramping and fistulas. Many patients feel better in as little as two weeks after receiving treatment.

In our practice, over 600 Crohn's disease patients have received REMICADE treatments — and 98 percent felt better within the first month.

REMICADE is given by IV infusion. Our in-office IV Infusion Center (shown above) is equipped with comfortable recliners, reading materials, a big-screen television, movies and snacks. Our goal is to help patients be as comfortable as possible during their treatments.

REMICADE is covered by most insurance plans, and Medicare and Medicaid. Coverage may vary by insurer and the type of plan you have.

Patients with some conditions, such as heart failure or tuberculosis, should not take REMICADE. Before prescribing this treatment, we will carefully review your medical history with you and thoroughly discuss the effectiveness and potential side effects of this treatment.