Colyte 2-Day Prep for Colonoscopy Procedure

PLEASE NOTE: If your doctor instructed you to use the Colyte, PLENVU, CLINPIQ, or SUPREP preparation before your colonoscopy, follow the instructions below. It is very important that you use the specific colonoscopy preparation instructed by your doctor. For your procedure, please follow the instructions listed below.

You will need to pick up these items from the pharmacy:

  • Colyte prescription
  • One (1) bottle of Magnesium Citrate (Magnesium Citrate is an over the counter laxative; Any flavor is fine as long as it is clear.)

Two Days Before your Procedure

  • At 6:PM, drink 10 ounces of Magnesium Citrate.
  • Avoid taking any medicines until two (2) hours after drinking Magnesium Citrate.

The Day Before your Procedure

All Day

  • You may have clear liquids only.


Add water to the laxative powder to the fill line and shake well. Put the container in the refrigerator to chill. Mix with Crystal Light Lemonade or flavor packets.


  • Start drinking at least one glass (8 oz.) of the laxative solution every 15 minutes until ½ jug is consumed (2 liters). Stop and return jug to the fridge.
  • Approved medicines can only be taken two (2) hours before or two (2) hours after drinking Colyte.

The Morning of your Procedure

  • Drink 1 glass (8oz.) of Colyte every 15 minutes until the jug is empty.
  • Nothing else by mouth or your procedure could be delayed.

The Day of your Procedure

  • You MUST have someone with you in the waiting room and to drive you home after your procedure.
  • DO NOT wear jewelry, scented powder, lotions, sprays, colognes, perfumes or after shave to your procedure.
  • Check in at Facility Registration.
  • Check in at the Office (Park in Valet Parking at Erlanger Medical Mall. There will be no charge to you for using this service at the time of your procedure.)
  • It is very important that your colon is clean; otherwise, the procedure may need to be rescheduled for another day.

Note: A colonoscopy prep causes the body to lose a significant amount of fluid and can result in sickness due to dehydration. It’s important that you prepare your body by drinking extra liquids before the prep. Stay hydrated by drinking all required clear liquids during the prep. Replenish your system by drinking clear liquids after returning home from your colonoscopy. If you have any questions, please call our office at 423-267-5677.