Patient Rights

  • Patients have the right to be treated with dignity, respect and fairness and to have their privacy protected.
  • Patients have the right to receive confidential treatment of all communications and records pertaining to their care.
  • Patients have the right to get the facts about their insurance company, its services, its doctors and hospitals, and patient rights and responsibilities.
  • Patients have the right to make suggestions about their insurance company’s patient rights and responsibilities.
  • Patients have the right to work with their doctors in making decisions about their healthcare.
  • Patients have the right to file complaints and appeals about their insurance company or the care it provides.
  • Patients have the right to get the facts and discuss necessary treatment options for their condition, regardless of cost or insurance coverage.
  • Patients have the right to change physicians in the practice if another qualified physician is available.
  • Patients have the right to file a complaint against a health care practitioner by contacting this office’s Practice Administrator at (423) 267-5677 or The Chattanooga & Hamilton County Medical Society at (423) 622-2872.

Patient Responsibilities

  • Supply an interpreter if you do not speak or understand the English language.
  • Follow plans and instructions for care that you have agreed upon with your doctors.
  • Supply information that your insurance company and its doctors and hospitals need in order to provide care.
  • Understand your health problems and work with your doctors to come up with mutually agreed upon treatment goals.
  • Know how to use your insurance plan and co-pays and deductibles if applicable.
  • Notify your doctors and hospitals if there are any changes in your address, phone number or insurance.
  • Notify your doctor if you are unable to keep an appointment.
  • Call your insurance company if you have questions or problems.
  • Be on time for appointments.

Our Location

Erlanger Medical Mall
979 East Third Street
Suite C-0630
Chattanooga, TN 37403

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